Coming Home

Coming Home by <a ” href=””>Sally Eames​
I recently saw the documentary The Babushkas of Chernobyl, about the women who have chose to return to their homes in the Forbidden Zone, despite having been evicted after the disaster in 1988. The director of the film spoke afterwards. I mention this because she said she had one idea of what the film would be about when she started making the movie, but that another story entirely began to appear once the shooting and interviews began.

The film, ultimately, became a story about the importance of home. These women have chosen a difficult and dangerous life. Yet they are FAR happier than their counterparts who were resettled by the Soviet government and opted to stay in their new homes.

Community has made all the difference for the women inside the Danger Zone. They responded to that need for connection deep within themselves when they returned to their abandoned homes.

We are social creatures. Even the most introverted of us. It’s how we survived as a species. We need connection with others to remain healthy.

So take a look at your own life.

* Who are the members of your community?

* Who helps you reconnect to yourself when you connect with them?

* Who helps you stay whole?

Write those people a thank you note this week, telling them how much you appreciate who they are in your life. Mail it. Sometimes we need to hear we matter to others because we’re not aware of it ourselves.