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What Are Common Issues That Clients Address In Therapy?

Our therapists work with you to help improve your life satisfaction and balance. Therapists can also offer critical support through life transitions, healing from past trauma, and working to improve relationship satisfaction.  At the same time, most often our clients are also doing their best to manage societal or work-related pressures.  Below is a list of common concerns we address in therapy.

Improving Life Satisfaction/Balance

  • Decreasing social anxiety
  • Identifying your life’s passion
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Improving relationships with food and body
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others
  • Increasing mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Managing academic/career/work stressors
  • Managing distress associated with perfectionism and striving for high achievement
  • Processing and coping with challenges associated with immigration and acculturation
  • Processing and healing from the impact of fatphobia and diet culture
  • Providing support for LGBTQIA+ identified individuals and relationships
  • Reducing feelings of hopelessness/depression
  • Reducing feelings of stress/anxiety
  • Supporting healthy identity development and expression

Supporting Life Transitions

  • Academic and job changes
  • Adjustment to parenthood
  • Adjustment to separation/divorce
  • Planned and unplanned relationship changes
  • Moving into or out of cohabitation and/or relationship commitment
  • Overcoming grief and loss

Healing and Resiliency

  • Coping with difficult life events
  • Healing from relational betrayal and/or infidelity
  • Overcoming grief and loss
  • Processing and healing from current and past experiences of discrimination/objectification (isms such as racism/sexism and homophobia)
  • Processing/Healing from past trauma/abuse
  • Processing/Healing from intergenerational trauma

Health and Wellness

  • Increasing mindfulness
  • Living with and managing chronic health conditions
  • Managing health from a holistic perspective

Couples, Relationship, and Family Issues

  • Addressing sexual desire/libido discrepancies in relationships
  • Adjustment to relationship changes such as co-habitation, marriage, parenthood
  • Addressing relationship/family/parenting concerns
  • Decreasing separation anxiety
  • Exploring sexual relationships to improve overall sexual health
  • Improving conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Improving familial relationships
  • Improving Intimacy and connection in relationships
  • Improving communication
  • Healing after a relationship ends
  • Healing from infidelity
  • Managing parenting struggles
  • Navigating life transitions throughout the relationship
  • Supporting decisions about relationships related to consensual non-monogamy/poly/kink

Managing Societal Pressures and Expectations

  • Addressing changes in the relationship during pregnancy and adjustment to parenthood
  • Healing from pregnancy loss and infertility
  • Healing from oppressive and objectifying societal expectations
  • Improving relationship with body
  • Managing marital and parenting stressors
  • Managing prenatal/postnatal anxiety and depression
  • Processing/healing from trauma and loss
  • Processing/healing from past sexual abuse/sexual assault

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