We are providing telehealth therapy services to protect the safety of our clients, our therapists, and our community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We also value telehealth as a tool to reduce barriers to treatment for many clients who are not able to come into the office for various reasons. Our telehealth services are provided via a secure and private video platform.

Our therapists are committed to delivering the same high-quality care as they would in the office. A growing number of scientific studies confirm that teletherapy is an effective alternative to in-person therapy. For a brief overview of this issue, check out this article from Inc.com. Does Online Therapy Work? Here’s What Science Says Whether you’re depressed, anxious, or stressed out, here’s what the research says about online therapy.

Since beginning exclusive online practice of telehealth in March 2020, we have found that, although the experience is not the same as being in the office, we have been able to continue the deep personal work we were doing in the office and support our clients through this difficult time in our country. We have received training on providing telehealth and are adhering to our ethical and professional standards of care and guidelines. We are still able to provide the same therapeutic modalities that we can provide in office. We will continue to assess the appropriateness of telehealth and will refer out for in-office therapy or a higher level of care when appropriate and needed.

For clients to engage in telehealth, they will need to have access to the Internet using a device such as a phone, tablet, or computer. In some circumstances, we can offer sessions via phone. We recommend reviewing this resource on how to practically and emotionally prepare for telehealth: Teletherapy Guide For Clients.

Currently, most insurers cover telehealth services. We are in-network with Bluc Cross Blue Shield PPO and several clinicians are in network with United/Optum insurance plans, which currently cover telehealth therapy for most of our clients. We strongly encourage all clients to contact their insurance provider to verify coverage for their specific plan.  See our Billing FAQ for more information about billing questions.