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Therapy can come in different forms, and there is no one style of or process that is right for everyone. Most often the therapy involves growth and change, and there are different types of therapy that our clinicians offer. Below is detail about the different kinds CTC offers

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy is a relational and collaborative process between a trained therapist and a client, that focuses on understanding what the client wants for themselves in the therapeutic process and in their life. Therapists support their clients in understanding patterns as well as barriers that get in the way of greater life satisfaction. Much of the process involved identifying new ways of relating to themselves, others, and the world. Our therapists are trained in a variety of relational, trauma-informed and body-oriented approaches.

  • Therapy for Therapists and Helpers

    We provide therapy to therapists and other helping professionals to assist them in both personal and professional lives. Being a therapist or being in a professional where one provides care and assistance to others can be challenging at times. Helping professionals can support themselves and benefit from receiving additional support as they support others.  It is common for helping professionals to experience burnout or vicarious trauma at some point in their career.  The cumulative strain of our work, as helping professionals, is normal and expected.  Burnout, fatigue, and vicarious trauma can be alleviated and/or prevented through intentional self-care and the development of a strong therapeutic relationship.

  • Somatic (Mind/Body) Therapy

    Somatic Therapy or bodied-oriented therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection and used the wisdom of the body in the healing process.  Somatic Therapy can help clients who have experienced a recent or historical trauma or who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or medical concerns.  Somatic Therapy is often helpful for clients who have engaged in traditional talk therapy but have not been able to find relief from their pain and suffering and/or those who are interested in integrating the mind-body connection into their healing journey.

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy

    Trauma-Informed Therapy is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes the impact of how a singular trauma experience (or a series of traumatic experiences) can impact how a client views themselves, others, and the world. Trauma-Informed Therapy is rooted in an understanding and appreciation of how individuals learn to disconnect from themselves and/or others as a way to adapt to and survive their traumatic experiences.  We assist clients in identifying what they want for themselves in their healing journey and develop ways connect with their intentions.

  • Child & Family Therapy

    Child and Family Therapy is a relational and collaborative therapeutic process focused on meeting the needs of children and their families.  Our child and family therapists are trained to work with young people and their specific concerns in developmentally appropriate ways.  We work with children individually and also incorporate the important people in their family system into the work when needed and appropriate.

  • Couple & Relationship Therapy

    Couple and Relationship Therapy is a form of therapy that supports people in relationships to identify their intentions and desires and learn how to improve their connection, communication, and relationship satisfaction.