Shauna Shrewsbury

Who am I as a therapist? 

I am a strengths-based therapist who strives to work with and collaborate alongside my clients to help them achieve a higher sense of wellness. I enjoy using humor, creativity and the innate wisdom each of us have of our body/mind/spirit to work with individuals. I incorporate movement, breathwork, mindfulness and yoga in my work to help clients increase an awareness of themselves, their relationships, and the dreams they have for themselves. I work through a holistic lens, as individuals with many experiences which collect together to create who they are, and can allow themselves to be who they want to be. I believe in addressing interpersonal qualities that both help and hinder our relationship to ourselves and others.

How do I practice?

With the firm belief that each person has a unique story, I encourage clients to gain tools for self-advocacy and self-empowerment, while finding their true, authentic sense of self. I use a psychodynamic, relational, approach, while incorporating body-centered/mindfulness with youth and adults. I collaborate with my clients to identify both their immediate and deeply rooted challenges. When working with children, I work closely with parents to facilitate their child’s therapeutic progress with conflict resolution, social problem solving, behavioral modification, and improving communication. I also often utilize creative interventions with children, including expressive arts, sand tray, and play therapy.

Who do I work with? 

I enjoy working with individuals who are motivated to explore and create healthier patterns and ways of being. I welcome the chance to work with children, adolescents and adults across any stage of life and life transitions. I particularly enjoy working with women/parents on perinatal and postpartum issues (anxiety, birth trauma, postpartum depression, miscarriage/grief/loss, etc) and parenting support. I also have experience in working with individuals in addressing the connection between physical and mental health, including somatic anxiety, chronic pain and medical conditions.

My areas of interest.

I work with clients who are open-minded and feel ready to engage in creating a higher sense of wellness for themselves. I enjoy working with individuals navigating life changes and transitions, depression, anxiety, medical and somatic stress and conditions. I have been honored to work with women and their partners as they address their mental health throughout all stages of pregnancy and their time post-partum. This includes birth trauma, infant loss/grief and navigating life as a parent.

How I practice?

My practice is founded in strengthening the connection of the body/mind/spirit that each individual holds. I work to creatively engage with my clients in ways that feel empowering and enriching to their lives. I believe that each of us have inner wisdom and guidance to connect to, we often just need a few extra nudges to find it. I want to help individuals feel affirmed in who they are, and consider myself to be an LGBTQIA ally and affirming clinician. I am honored to be included in someone’s healing journey, regardless of how it ‘looks’. I believe progress in not linear but rather a journey to be navigated without judgement, and unconditional support. I work to collaborate, teach and be present with my clients throughout their processes.

My background.

I have been a mover my entire life, and my interest in helping individuals led me to becoming a dance/movement therapist (DMT). I completed my BFA in Dance and certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. I followed this pathway to Columbia College Chicago where I earned a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling in 2017. In my own pursuit of self-care, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification, and have completed training to be a Prenatal Yoga Teacher. I continue to teach movement, dance and musical theater as a way to connect to my own creativity, and continue to be a part of yoga and movement communities. My work as a therapist has included hospital and residential treatment centers, group work and individual trauma work.

I joined CTC in late April 2021. I am a passionate caregiver striving to find the body/mind/spirit connection through a holistic lens. I strive to incorporate all levels of health and healing through breath-work, movement and whatever creativity can be embraced.

Favorite Quote: “You were wild once, don’t let them tame you” – Isadora Duncan

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