Laura Brownstone, LCSW

Who am I as a therapist? I believe that my clients naturally move towards wholeness. Many clients come in simply wanting to alleviate their symptoms, but they often leave feeling empowered and more alive. I am not agenda-focused in therapy. I believe when clients feel safe and receive compassion/guidance they tend to grow and to blossom. I feel that healing happens naturally in the body/mind when clients can be in the present moment. They can extend their out breath and maybe soften some rigidity. They can also tend to younger emotional parts that need to be seen. I creatively collaborate with my clients by using a variety of modalities including NARM, Ego State Therapy, EMDR Therapy, art and movement as well as guided meditation and mindfulness practices. I am open to “the sacred” in session and use my intuition to benefit of the client.

Who do I work with? I have been a therapist for over 16 years and worked with many kinds of clients with a variety of presenting issues. I enjoy working with groups, couples, and family systems.  I love working with teens and young adults who long for independence and a sense of self. I provide safe, nonjudgmental guidance to think about themselves, their world and how they want to play a role in it.  

I have a strong capacity to sit with clients who are in tremendous pain as a result of addiction, trauma, or grief. I have found that grieving clients often hold onto their grief as a way of staying connected to their loved ones.  I work with them to learn to stay connected through their memories. For example, I had the honor to work with a client who was grieving her mother. I utilized visualization and helped her tap into the felt sense of sitting in her mother’s presence to foster healing, relief, and connection.

I like to meet clients where they are at and enjoy working with creatives and people who do not like to be put in boxes. I embrace creativity and fluidity and appreciate my work with clients who are gender fluid.

The crack is the place where the light enters you. ~Rumi

My areas of interest: I am interested in trauma-informed therapy. For 10 years, I participated in an Advanced Consultation Group at Womencare Counseling and Training Center to better serve populations who were abused and neglected as children and as adults. I completed certification in Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM) to better serve adults with early developmental trauma issues which affect their sense of self and relationship to the world.

I am community-oriented and enjoy facilitating greater understanding, connection, and healing. I love doing workshops where I guide participants to a joyful state of bliss, presence and connection. I like to facilitate workshops in the community to build more connection and understanding about mental illness, and I am very interested in teaching “de-stress” skills in the community to first-responders, older populations, and under-served populations.

Recently I co-facilitated a healing circle for teachers in Chicago to teach coping skills to better deal with the coming year. I plan to continue to offer this circle throughout the year for teachers who want to connect and vent in safe circles. This will be through Zoom.

How I practice: My practice is a combination of colorful threads. I am spiritual and ask for guidance in my meditation practice to help me do my work.  I am a body-oriented therapist and encourage folks to seek somatic therapies including acupuncture, ortho-biomy and reiki.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 16 years of experience as a trained clinician who believes in helping clients strengthen all their external and internal resources to feel more supported in their world.

I use a variety of modalities in my work. I am a certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist.  I also use Ego State Therapy and other right-brain modalities. I am a relational, feminist therapist who helps co-construct with clients new scaffolding to create new internal and external paradigms. For last five years, I have used Family Constellations techniques to give clients a better understanding about how their past family systems and patterns impact them in the present. Utilizing this technique, I invite clients look at a problem from a wide variety of vantage points including adult, child, tribe, and ancestor.  I often find that when clients imagine standing with their ancestors, they gain a different perspective and their problem no longer carries as much weight.

My background: I am a writer and artist who utilizes creativity and imagination with clients to help them better understand their internal sense of self. I have a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago with a focus on children and families. Before graduate school, I worked at a battered women’s shelter with children and with young mothers and their toddlers who were pushed out of their homes by their families after they found out they were pregnant. I found the young women to be such strong, empowered women who wanted better for themselves and their kids.

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