Michelle Barichello

Who am I as a therapist?

I am a therapist who embraces empathy, curiosity, understanding, and connection and believes in the inherent worth and unique strengths of every client. I know that life can be difficult, and that it is easier to navigate life’s challenges when you allow yourself to receive support.

I invite my clients to guide the therapeutic process by showing up weekly as their authentic and full self, processing difficult feelings or past events, and feeling empowered to take on what feels right to them in session and in their lives. I am humbled and honored to join clients on their unique journey to healing, meaning, and empowerment.

Who do I work with? I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. I find joy in working with clients who are interested in exploring questions they have about themselves, their relationships, and their lived experience.

My areas of interest: I am interested in utilizing trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches to assist clients on their healing journey. I work with clients who have a range of concerns including depression, anxiety, previous trauma, relationship difficulties, life transitions, grief and loss, and life stress. Further, I am interested in helping clients practice self-compassion and to identify their authentic values to gain a better sense of alignment and empowerment in their life.

How I practice: I utilize a relational, collaborative, and client-centered approach within my therapy work.  I see my clients’ strength and accept them for who they uniquely are. I believe clients are the primary experts on their own life and I aim to create a partnership wherein they feel understood and seen. It is important to help clients address issues in their life that they would like to move away from (e.g. symptoms, stressors), and also identify what they are looking to move towards (e.g. values, aspirations, life goals). I view therapy as a nonjudgmental space where clients can freely express feedback and play an active role in what happens in the therapy room.

My background:

I am a fourth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University and am completing an emphasis in Traumatic Stress Psychology. Before coming to CTC, I completed my therapy practicum externship in a community mental health agency where I provided individual and group therapy with a culturally and clinically diverse population of adolescents and children facing chronic stressors. This experience challenged me to build on my clinical skills and solidified my commitment to integrating social justice and culturally informed practices into my clinical work.

I completed my diagnostic externship at a behavioral health hospital where I gained experience diagnosing and assessing individuals, with a range of psychiatric symptoms, in a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment. This experience further solidified my interest in adolescents and families, and I greatly valued the opportunity to collaborate with and provide diagnostic feedback to my patients, their families, and other members of their treatment team.