Gabrielle Granoff​, Psy.D.

Who am I as a supervisor? I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2015. My training at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology focused on working with children, adolescents, and families who struggled with anxiety, depression, reactions to trauma, and dissatisfaction in relationships. I completed externships with underserved populations at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, Jewish Child and Family Services, and MacNeal School, and further deepened my clinical skills during my work as a doctoral intern at Pillars Community Mental Health Center, where I worked with individuals with severe mental illness.

Being warm, collaborative, and grounded is essential to my practice as a supervisor. I believe that relationships are at the core of the human experience and I am committed to building trusting relationships with each of my supervisees. My philosophy as a supervisor is developmental and collaborative. Each supervisee holds varied strengths and areas of growth that we explore together through direct instruction, reflection, and collaborative problem solving.

I teach from a trauma-informed, psychodynamic, relational, feminist, systemic, and body-oriented lens. Early experiences and relationships impact our emotional and physical wellbeing, so we will take time to understand the circumstances of each individual’s life, their therapeutic and relational needs, and how we can best understand the survival strategies that each client has uniquely developed.

I place a strong emphasis on conceptualizing from a psychodynamic and relational perspective with an astute trauma lens. Learning to conceptualize is essential to being grounded while treating your clients; we will explore holding a solid conceptualization while gathering more information to refine and expand treatment.

Through deep understanding and curiosity, I help my supervisees gain insight into how early experiences have impacted their clients and where they can begin to build capacity for authentic self-discovery, connection to self and others, and curiosity about how their bodies process and hold emotion.

I take a curious stance and join my clients and supervisees in deeply understanding who they are and the experiences that have shaped them as people and as therapists.

My current role. I joined CTC in 2015 and joined the supervisory team in 2019. My primary role at CTC is supporting our clinicians in their clinical work. I am co-owner of Solway Psychology where my focus is clinical and practice management. Currently I do not see clients at CTC.

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