We specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, or distressing feelings as a result of typical stressors related to their life satisfaction, work/life balance, career/school, relationships, parenthood, family difficulties, identity and spirituality.

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We view clients from a holistic perspective looking at all of the important areas of your life when working with you. We take a mind/body/spirit approach to our work and are happy to collaborate with other wellness professionals to help you. We build upon traditional evidence-based practices and also integrate mindfulness, meditation, movement, creative/expressive therapies, and somatic approaches as needed.

We work with the whole family to make important changes in difficult or stressful family dynamics. Our therapists work with children and their parents on issues related to behavioral challenges, attention issues, school difficulties, discipline, parental stressors, and parenting. We work with tweens and teens on issues related to school struggles, peer relationships, bullying, self-esteem, and improving family relationships. We also provide couples therapy to improve communication, increase intimacy,  and reduce stressors in the relationship.

Our therapists also have expertise in working with clients who have experienced significant losses or who have a history of emotionally troubling or abusive relationships. We provide culturally competent and trauma-informed therapeutic services and utilize a wide variety of treatment modalities including relational and psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, body-focused psychotherapy, and solution-oriented approaches.