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Centered Therapy Chicago is dedicated to creating a training and professional environment that values lifelong learning, curiosity, intentionality, engagement, authenticity, humility, vulnerability, creativity, growth and fun!

Supervision Philosophy

We provide developmental, relational, feminist, strength-based supervision at CTC. As supervisors, we all have something to learn and to teach. We are continuously growing in our own personal and professional development alongside those we supervise. Supervision here is grounded in the goals and intentions of the supervisee, with a strong emphasis on case conceptualization, relationship development, intentional interventions, and exploration of transference and countertransference.

We have created all elements of our training experience with great intentionality. We invite trainees to show up with openness, curiosity, vulnerability, an eagerness for new experiences, and lots of questions both for us and for yourself as we embark on this learning journey. We provide developmental, relational supervision and have the intention of meeting supervisees where they are at in the training journey – we want to understand what you want for yourself in your own learning and experience at CTC.

The work we do is so important and can be challenging. We believe that we need to take care of ourselves so that we can do the important work of taking care of others. As a result, we have integrated a Trauma Stewardship framework into the foundation of Centered Therapy Chicago and throughout our supervision and training. It is our intention to create a safe, nurturing, and open space for clients and staff.

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