Presentations and Consultations

​CTC Therapists have a wide range of experience in teaching, presenting, supervising, and consulting. We can provide presentations and/or consultations for your mental health team.

Presentations For Mental Health Professionals:

  • Treatment Interventions In Child Trauma
  • PTSD, Assessment And Treatment For Children/Adolescents
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Trauma-Informed Play Therapy Techniques
  • Understanding And Transforming Vicarious Trauma Helping The Helpers-Managing Trauma Exposure Response Or Vicarious Trauma
  • Understanding How Cultural And Societal Issues Impact The Well-Being Of Families
  • Teaching Diversity In The 21st Century: Managing Hot Moments While Keeping Your Cool
  • Cultural Issues And Sexual Abuse: Developing A Conceptual Framework To Understand The Experience Of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Cultural Issues And Child Sexual Abuse: An Examination Of The Impact Of Culture On Child Sexual Abuse And Strategies For Addressing Culture In Treatment.
  • Cultural Issues In The Disclosure Of Child Sexual Abuse: A Conceptual Framework
  • White Racial Identity And Cultural Competence
  • Trauma In The Lives Of Children
  • Making The Most Of Your Supervision: Reflections On Enhancing Your Professional Development.
  • Serving Our Communities: A Service Learning Pedagogy To Meet Both Field And Training Needs. Best Practices In Teaching, Advising, And Scholarship
  • The Art And Science Of Striving For Multicultural Competence In Clinical Settings.
  • Learning To Supervise​​
  • The Benefits of Mindfulness for Clinicians and Client

Please contact Bianka Hardin for more information about availability and speaking/consultation fees.


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