Presentations and Consultations

​CTC Therapists have a wide range of experience in teaching, presenting, supervising, and consulting. We can provide presentations and/or consultations at your school, mom’s group, or organization.

Centered Therapy Chicago Presentation Topics

  • Preventing Child Abuse
  • Promoting Self-Esteem In Your Child
  • Sex, Drugs, And Rock’n Roll: Talking To Your Kids About Difficult Topics
  • Keeping Kids Safe: Practical Strategies For Parents Who Want To Protect Their Children.
  • Mindful Parenting: Reducing Stress For You And Your Child
  • Parenting And Self-Care: Practical Strategies For Busy Moms
  • Self-Love and Mindfulness for Mothers


  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Child Sexual Abuse: A Training For Child Educators To Identify And Report Abuse.
  • Integrating Stress-Management/Mindfulness Into Your Classroom
  • More than Happy Hour: The Power of Yearnings
  • Now Auditioning for Your Role in The Drama Triangle: How Drama Leads to Burnout
  • Cognitive Distortions: How Understanding our Beliefs Leads to Nourishment and Self Care
  • Mindfulness and the Benefits of Mindfulness
  • The Importance of Self-Care
  • Increasing Connection Through Caring Conversations
  • Employee Wellness From the Inside Out
  • Effective Listening
  • Trauma Stewardship: How to Care for Self While Caring for Others
  • The Importance of Self-Care
  • Mindfulness and Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace