Ruby Dienstag, Therapist in training

Who am I as a therapist? As a therapist I am determined to build therapeutic relationships that are genuine, supportive, nourishing, and collaboratively creative. I am outgoing, enthusiastic, humorous, and dedicated to creating a dynamic that is non-judgmental and empowering for clients. I have had the privilege of being educated in intersectional feminism, and I continue to actively incorporate this knowledge into my personal and professional life. I believe in my client’s power to heal.


Who do I work with? I enjoy working with the LGBTQIA+ population, especially young adults in this community who are in the process of developing their sexual identity or in affirming their gender identity. I also enjoy working with individuals or couples who practice consensual non-monogamy. I like to work with clients who are seeking guidance for a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, grief/loss, relationship challenges, race related stress, and trauma including intergenerational and systemic trauma.


Areas of interest  I am interested in queer mental health issues such as stigma, familial rejection, lack of social support, lack of resources, and intersecting identities. Specifically, I am passionate about supporting Trans/Non-binary folks through their gender affirmation journey and any mental health issues, related or not. I believe in nurturing the positive aspects of queer life, and drawing from these to build strength and resilience. I enjoy working with clients in navigating the practice of consensual non-monogamy, especially involving how to maintain healthy communication and transparency within this practice. Furthermore, I’m interested in race related stress and the impact of intergenerational trauma in BIPOC communities.


How do I practice? I approach therapy from an intersectional feminist orientation. This means that I understand therapy as a collaborative process, and that I see the client as the expert on themselves. It also means I am actively assessing how systems of inequality and oppression have shaped a client’s lived experience, and the strategies they have developed for facing these systems. I approach therapy with unconditional empathy, encouragement, and care.


Background: I am a therapist-in-training pursing a doctorate in clinical psychology from Adler University. I have a B.A. in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies with a focus on racism in feminism and identity politics. I grew up in the Bronx, New York, and received my undergraduate degree from Oberlin College.  I volunteered in Tel Aviv at the LGBTQ center with activists in the Trans community. I also volunteered in Haifa at Isha L’Isha an anti-occupation feminist organization. Additionally, I completed an internship at the Community Counseling Center of Larchmont, New York.