Megan Ensley

Pronouns (She/Her/Hers)

Who am I as a therapist? I strive to be warm, authentic, and present with clients. I believe that bringing my authentic self into my work with clients paves the way for a genuine and collaborative therapeutic relationship. I value the individual personhood and experiences in each of us. I enjoy being real with clients and appreciate using humor as a way to connect when appropriate. I think it’s important to demystify the therapeutic process by being genuine and transparent with my clients. I welcome questions about the process of therapy and value each client’s reflections of their experience of therapy.

Who do I work with? I welcome clients who are curious about themselves and their relationships with others. I have prior experience working in college counseling centers, where I enjoyed working with people who were experiencing transitional life phases while managing the stressors of education and employment. I also enjoy working with clients who identify as LGBTQIA+, clients who are struggling with self-harm and eating disorders, clients who are survivors of sexual trauma, and clients who are experiencing distress in their familial and romantic relationships.

My areas of interest: I appreciate working with a diverse array of issues with my clients, including navigating life transitions, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I am especially interested in working with teens, young adults, and adults, LGBTQIA+ identities, self-harm, and eating disorders. Another interest includes all facets of identity exploration, including, but not limited to gender identity, sexual identity, spiritual identity, and career identity.

How I practice: I believe therapy is a collaborative process while holding the belief that the client is the expert of their own experience. I aim to create a warm and encouraging space for clients to explore and grasp their unique strengths. I acknowledge that systems, large and small, impact our lives. I don’t shy away from working with clients to help understand how they might have been impacted by an imperfect system. My identity as an intersectional feminist informs my work with clients by naming systems of oppression and working together to find power within each of my clients. Each client is unique, and I use genuine curiosity and exploration to deepen and heal through emotions. I am certified in Emotion-Focused Therapy Training Level 1.

My background: I am a 4th-year Doctoral Student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Prior to working at CTC, I completed two years of supervised clinical work at City Colleges of Chicago – Malcolm X Wellness Center. During my time at Malcolm X City College, I provided therapy and administered psychological evaluations to adult students ranging in age from 18-60. I am a career-changer and have a prior history working in corporations, higher education, and in the performing arts.