Mada Leanga

Who am I as a therapist? I believe that my role as a counselor is to help others become congruent to their truth and find their own path. I focus on client strengths and create a safe and supportive environment for insight and transformation to occur. I see myself as an empathic and intuitive listener, as well as a direct communicator. I can tell it as I see it, with tact and humor but I am also gentle and sensible. I find creative ways to challenge the barriers clients may encounter in their life journey. I believe in personal responsibility, and I see the counseling process as an active and collaborative one. I truly believe in a mind body connection. I think at times we are so busy connecting with our minds that we leave our bodies behind. I integrate in my practice years of experience working with immigration issues, chronic and complex trauma, chronic mental and physical conditions, perinatal mental health.

How I practice. I use an integrative approach to therapy (EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral, Client Centered, ACT, Trauma Informed). I am a certified Vibrational Therapy Practitioner which I use in conjunction with mindfulness and meditation. I practice Qi Gong and I see breath work as primordial to our existence.

My Background. I approach counseling from a multicultural perspective. I find that identity, family of origin, group affiliations, and systemic culture, can all contribute positively or negatively to our life experiences, and can be worth exploration. I am also aware of how oppression and community violence can affect our lives as I have worked for an extensive number of years with the homeless population in the city.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Mada, please contact Centered Therapy Chicago: (773) 569-1468 or