Dylan Lanoff, Therapist in training

Who I am as a therapist? I am a doctoral trainee who will greet you with warmth and acceptance. I aim to be as supportive, nonjudgmental, authentic, and empathetic as I can be. I genuinely love connecting with others and getting to know people at their core. I believe in looking at the big picture and empowering clients to use their strengths to overcome obstacles and to unlearn coping strategies that no longer serve you. I am often inspired by the strength and resilience of my clients. I believe that the client is the expert of their own life, and that the therapist’s role is to help the client gain insight and to accompany them on the emotional journey through healing.

Who do I work with?I enjoy working with all genders, ages, sexualities, religions, abilities, races, and ethnicities. I am interested in working with individuals as well as couples, and I especially enjoy working with young adults.

Areas of Interest: I work with individuals who have experienced sexual assault or are struggling to cope with the aftermath of their trauma. I enjoy empowering clients to be accepting of their most authentic self, despite gender norms, and I often approach situations from a feminist perspective.

How I practice: I believe that everyone has the natural capacity to move toward growth, and it is my duty as a therapist to help my clients overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from becoming their best self. I work toward goals in therapy that my client and I have set together, and everything I do is for the benefit of my client. I believe that the formation of a trusting therapeutic relationship is the first and most essential step toward positive change. I value my clients’ vulnerability. It is amazing to me how validation and support can help transform and empower a person. I utilize humanistic and existential theories in my practice.

Background: I am earning my doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Traumatic Stress, and I currently hold a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. I have worked with severely mentally ill individuals who often struggled with psychotic disorders and traumatic pasts. During my time there, I utilized psychological assessments in order to diagnose patients who were deemed Unfit to Stand Trial or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. I grew from working with individuals who challenged and expanded my empathic abilities. I also have experience working with teenagers at BUILD, Inc. on the West side of Chicago where I enjoyed working with individuals from different backgrounds than myself.